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Powering European AI &
HPC at Scale

Accelerate AI model training & deployment
with our high-performance GPU platform.


Access to infrastructure, tooling and managed services optimised for AI workloads. A one-stop shop for AI training, development, and deployment.

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Engineered for AI

Accelerate Your AI Workload

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Designed for

High Performance

Cluster of best-in-class NVIDIA GPUs architected to scale


Hybrid AI Cloud

Manage workloads across on-premises and cloud environment through a single platform


Easy Cluster


Deploy Kubernetes cluster or batch environment in minutes


Expert AI 


Onboarding assistance and performance optimization to fast-track your AI initiatives




Immersion cooled infrastructure reducing energy use by 35% and CO2 emissions by up to 90%

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Data Sovereignty

European-owned and operated, ensuring compliance with privacy legislation

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Embracing a future where sustainability takes center stage, our innovative immersion-cooled AI solutions with local area heat re-use not only align with, but actively propel the European political agenda's growing focus on reducing the CO2 footprint of AI models.


Prioritising data privacy and security, our European Sovereignty & Hybrid approach ensures protection against non-European infrastructures' vulnerabilities, including legislation like the Cloud/Patriot Act, while offering the flexibility to run both in the cloud and on customer sites.


Addressing Europe's scarcity of expert knowledge in managing AI infrastructure, we provide a high-performance, easy-to-use solution that combines market-leading enterprise AI tools with managed services, making advanced AI more accessible and manageable for everyone.

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A European Cloud Provider
with High-Performing Infrastructure

AI Infrastructure

Provides access to high-performance compute architected from the ground up for AI workloads, available in our cloud or as an on-premises solution.

AI Platform

Streamline computing and storage for HPC and AI, enhancing machine learning to focus on innovative AI solutions in the cloud and on-premises.

AI Assist

Designed to help you accelerate your AI journey by bridging the skills gap that prevents organisations from scaling AI initiatives.

What Others Say

Nigel Cannings

CTO of Intelligent Voice

At Intelligent Voice, we understand the importance of powerful computing resources for training and inferencing machine learning models. That's why we're excited to partner with EscherCloudAI, whose GPUs offer unparalleled performance and efficiency for our customers.
With EscherCloudAI's GPUs, we can accelerate the development and deployment of AI solutions, helping businesses and organizations to make better decisions and drive innovation
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