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The Importance of a Sovereign Cloud in the Modern Data Landscape

The increasing reliance on non-European partners for critical digital infrastructure.

In an era where connected devices are becoming ubiquitous, the global datasphere is undergoing exponential growth, projected to surge from 64 zettabytes in 2020 to an astounding 175 zettabytes by 2025.

This digital revolution, driven by AI and an ever-increasing number of internet-connected devices, is reshaping how we tackle challenges and improve our daily lives. However, the technological advancement also brings to light an essential consideration for Europe: the increasing reliance on non-European partners for critical digital infrastructure.

While embracing the technological offerings from global partners is beneficial, the dependency on a limited number of global providers poses risks in terms of data sovereignty, operational resilience, and strategic autonomy. Mitigating these risks through diversified, secure, and independent cloud infrastructure is not just prudent but essential for maintaining a competitive edge and technological leadership.

The Challenges Faced

Although several European countries are among the top rankings for Digital Competitiveness2, including Denmark (1), Sweden (3), the Netherlands (6), and Finland (7), European nations face a significant challenge: a heavy reliance on non-European technology, particularly in hardware and cloud services.

This confronts us with two big challenges:

Increasing Dependencies on a Small Group of Countries and Providers

From critical raw materials such as silicon and lithium to cloud services, Europe has very little resources of its own. This causes geopolitical and economic dependencies, with some nations actively aiming to dominate in AI or cyber sovereignty. The more you can become independent with the technology and services you deploy, the better.

The EU Digital Single Market can Act with Power, but it Doesn’t Move Fast

European policies enforcing the Digital Single Market and protecting Europe’s citizens, such as the Digital Services Act and the AI Act, are powerful tools towards non-European technology companies, but their implementation takes time. In the meantime, European sovereignty is only guaranteed by using European providers.

Why a Sovereign Cloud is Imperative: 5 Key Reasons

Guaranteeing Data Security and Privacy

A sovereign cloud is instrumental for European entities, ensuring unparalleled control and security over their data. This approach is vital not only for safeguarding sensitive information but also for maintaining strict compliance to GDPR, a non-negotiable aspect of data management in Europe.

By leveraging a European sovereign cloud, organizations gain access to advanced data security and privacy controls, effectively fortifying their defenses against data breaches and cyber threats. This alignment with stringent European regulations represents a critical element in an organisation’s data strategy, ensuring data is both protected and managed in accordance with the highest standards of data protection laws.

Thriving European Ecosystem

By using European service providers and building a robust digital infrastructure, organisations can significantly reduce their dependency on external tech giants. This strategic shift transcends mere economic and political independence; it's about ensuring operational consistency and negotiating power in the face of fluctuating international relations or pricing changes. Maintaining compatibility with global cloud partners remains important, but having European options enhances autonomy.

Enhancing Economic Growth through Technological Leadership

Focusing on digital sovereignty is essential for the cultivation of indigenous European technological solutions. This strategy, while reducing dependence on non-European technology providers, goes beyond mere self-reliance. It ignites innovation and research, leading to economic growth, technological leadership, and the creation of high-value jobs. By fostering a competitive market advantage through homegrown tech advancements, Europe not only bolsters its own economy but also asserts its role as a leader in the global technology landscape.

Ensuring Operational Continuity in Geopolitical Uncertainties

Recent global challenges, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and geopolitical tensions impacting energy prices, have highlighted the fragility and interconnectedness of international economies. This brings to the fore the importance of a resilient digital infrastructure.

A sovereign cloud is pivotal, offering a robust and reliable foundation crucial for maintaining uninterrupted operations and data integrity in key sectors including energy, healthcare, and transportation. It ensures that your business, research initiative, and essential government functions remain resilient and efficient, even amidst global uncertainties. Embracing a sovereign cloud is not just a strategic decision for business continuity; it's a proactive step towards ensuring technological sovereignty and operational resilience in a volatile global landscape.

Safeguarding Against International Espionage

Finally, a sovereign cloud is a pivotal strategy to protect European data against the ever-present threats of international surveillance and espionage. Anchoring data management within a sovereign cloud ensures an ironclad defence for sensitive information, including citizens' personal data.

This approach not only aligns with the stringent European values and regulations but also actively prevents exploitation and unauthorised access by external entities. It’s a proactive stance against global cyber threats, ensuring that your organisation's data assets are shielded from prying eyes and hostile actors on the international stage.

Take the Next Step Towards Digital Sovereignty

Interested in securing your data with sovereign cloud solutions? Connect with us on LinkedIn or visit our website at to explore our European GPU cloud solutions that prioritise safety and security. Let's work together to safeguard your digital assets in this rapidly evolving tech landscape!

A special thanks to Audrie van Veen for providing insight into the crucial steps required to overcome challenges to thrive the European ecosystem.

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